Friday, July 17, 2009


We are now a part of the fighting connection, check out the link in the useful links section! In addition to this I have added an alternate wall combo and updated my personal combos section with the most devestating Asuka juggle yet!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I updated most of the sections in the blog including the Top 10 section further back.

Asuka and walls 1.1 (DR)

Asuka has some trouble getting used to handling walls compared to some other characters who thrive on dishing out extreme pain by using them as a middle hand. Her wall traveling abilities may be somewhat limited but if you want to win you need to learn how to use the walls to your advantage. So what tools does she have?

Wall travel
First of all you want to get your opponent heading towards the wall as early in the match as possoble. The faster you can get them there, the faster you can gain a major and hopefully decisive advantage. The quickest way I know so far is to land either the big f+2 launcher or the standard 2 uppercut launcher and then get started on this combo:

uf + 3, 1, b+2, 1, 4

The double kick at the end does incredible damage even if one of them usually misses but should your opponent get slammed into the wall at some point you will usually score both kicks which usually means you've just cut their whole lifebar in half.

Wall combo
Once your opponent hits the wall it's time to go for a bonus round. What you do depends on how high up they are when they hit. The wall combo itself is simple enough as it goes like this:

b+1+4, 4

It's a three-hitting combo that can be used to tack on free damage after a wall splat. It does nice damage on it's own and should usually be attempted even when you're in doubt about your wall splatting abilities.

For a strong alternative when it comes to funny angles I recommend this wall combo:

f + 1, 4

It is another three hitter and the double kicks at the end does amazing damage when both connect. All three hits in this one track really well so when you're in doubt, especcially regarding angles and distance angles, go for this one to ensure that you get some damage off the wall.

Now, If you want to be really fancy I will now get into:

Tacking onto a high wall splat
Your opponent almost hits the screen ceiling after a deep f+2. It's possible to add a uf +3 as the start to fall back down before finishing off with either wall combo. If they are not at the maximum height or if you are unsure you can substitute the jump kick for a df+1 instead before going for the combo.

Throwing by the wall
While throwing is rather weak in Tekken compared to most other 3D fighters Asuka has an excellent tool for as long as they are still a viable tactic. Once you have your opponent's back to the wall you want to keep them there for as long as possible and her b+1+2 throw not only sends them in the right directions but forces them to rise from a backturned position as well. This is a good time to start harassing them with either continuous 3~4 sweeps, another b+1+2 throw or go for a high wall splat using f+2.

The sidewind box trap
Make no mistake, Asuka has one of the most useful unblockables in the game. And while it has uses in okizeme as a tool for traveling or getting you back into frame advantage on block, the f+3 is truly a weapon of mass destruction if you're lucky enough to have your opponent land in a corner. In Tekken this is usually the same as an automatic loss and with Asuka death comes faster than usual.

After a knockdown or combo simply unleash your f+3 onto the opponent as they try to get up and get out. The walls will prevent them from going anywhere (front, side or back) and adding Asuka's sidewinding motion into the box it's extremely hard for them to even attack their way out of this particular position. More often than not their attacks will simply whiff and cause Asuka to counter hit them for even BIGGER damage! In short; your opponent needs to be incredibly alert to get out of this simple trap and even if they know not to stand up or how to time a reversal you still have the option to cancel your spin, throw them with b+1+2 or sweep with 3~4 to start the whole thing again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New personal combos 1.1 (DR)

These are the newest personal combos that I use in matches.
After f+2 or standing 2
uf + 3, 1, b+2, 1, 4
uf + 3, 1, b+2, 1+2, 4

- Both of them do the same damage (~59 depending on the setup) and allows you to recover fast enough to continue the pressure via okizeme or wall games.

After 1+4, 2, d+4 (the last sweep is a launcher)
dash > 1+4, 1, 2, 3

- You will be able to dash right after to threaten with either a sweep (against passive opponents) or a 1+4 for another pick-up against active opponents. Alternatively you can use an f+3 to set up mind games by alternating between canceling the kick (and going into another move) or attacking on the second (advantage on guard) or third (unblockable) spins.

Guess what? Asuka finally has a 60+ combo! It's only a slight modification of the big one mentioned above and at it's biggest it goes like this:

f+2, uf +3, df + 1, b + 2, 1, 4 (wall splat) f + 2

In case you get a wall splat and the follow-up you get a staggering 75 points of damage and an opponent who is forced to rise into your okizeme by the wall. Make it pay off and you've practically won the round. Note that it is exceedingly difficult to land this whole thing on certain characters, with Steve being a major offender. You might want to stick with the slightly smaller version mentioned at the top for him.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The heavies and the heavyweight combo (DR)

The heavyweights are: Armor King, Bruce, Bryan, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Feng Wei, Ganryu, Heihachi, Jack-5, King, Marduk, Paul, Raven & Steve.

The heavyweight combo is: f + 2 (launcher) df + 1, b + 2, 1, 3, f+1+2

Top ten moves (DR) 2.2

Note that this is my personal top 10 where I tell it as I see it but suggestions for changes and edits are welcome. These moves come in no particular order and might get refined further.

01 - Vacuum Fist Palm (aka the hand) 1+2

Stats: Launch, mid, 18 frames, - 7 on block (safe)

Advantages: It tracks well, hit has a large reliable hitbox that easily hits crouchers and allows on hit it allows you to pick up the opponent with 1+4 into combo.

Disadvantages: Tends to lose against similar moves because while the animation is fast the actual hit is slow to come out. It's the worst launcher for opening up wall combos.

Uses: Throwing out during trench wars, countering certain blocked moves from up close, hitting people trying to crouch or sidestep, hitting people expecting a sweep during mind games.

02 - Demon Slayer (aka forward two) f + 2

Stats: Launch, mid, tech crouch, 18 frames, -17 on block (launch counterable)

Advantages: Excellent for okizeme, extremely reliable hitbox, with small advantage it tends to beat even 8f jabs and it opens up Asuka's biggest combos, hitting people trying to roll away from you, hitting people next to walls. Can be cancelled into any WR move and the Falling Rain throw.

Disadvantages: Unreliable range outside of okizeme and punishing depending on whether the opponent is moving backwards or not. If they are backing up even slightly don't count on this move to connect often.

Uses: Countering jabs from advantageous or neutral situations, free punisher on +17 even at long distance, launching near walls, launching heavyweights in the open, hitting “active” people and back rollers on the ground during okizeme or after connecting df+2+3 throw and as a fake dash to set up the FC df, d, df 1+2 throw.

03 - Side kick: df + 4

Stats: Mid, 12 frames, -6 on block (safe), +5 on hit.

Advantages: Asuka's fastest safe mid poke with good range.

Disadvantages: Poor damage potential.

Uses: Keepout, safe poking, tacking on to the end of strings, as a round ender, after connecting with d+2 (even on block)

04 - Sacred Blade (aka the big sweep): 3~4

Stats: Knockdown, low, tech crouch, 24 frames, -16 (~launch counterable)

Advantages: Immediate okizeme where the opponent has to rise from a backturned position, can come out of strings as well, stupid damage on grounded opponent, virtually impossible to sidestep, extremely low hit box, leaves opponent in a forced crouch position on block which severely limits their counter options.

Disadvantages: Easy to see when used in strings if the opponent is alert, some characters get a free launch on block while everyone gets a free launch if they succeed with a universal low parry, an opponent who is already backturned when hit is turned back the right way again.

Uses: As an okizeme tool whenever the opponent is passive or trying to roll sideways, early counter for just about any incoming move that hits above the belt (even mids and throws), during strings, dealing with sidesteps and sidewalks, when moving in on the opponent quickly.

05 – Heaven’s Hammer: d+2

Stats: Forced crouch (block/normal hit), launcher (counter hit), mid, tech crouch, 18 frames, -2 on block (safe)

Advantages: Great range, fantastic properties as long as it connects in any way, semi-evasive, launches on CH.

Disadvantages: Slow to come out.

Uses: Hitting people from afar, hitting backdashers, countering bothersome moves with evasive properties (such as Lili’s d+3+4), counter hitting jabs from advantageous situations for a launch combo.

06 - Hop kick (aka the jump kick launcher): uf + 4

Stats: Launch, mid, low crush, 20 frames, -10 plus distance on guard (jab counterable)

Advantages: Asuka's (sadly) fastest low crush that launches, reliable hit box which will frequently beat or move past low attacks, incredible damage, good combo potential, free launcher after FC df+2 counter hits.

Disadvantages: SLOW! Too slow to throw out randomly like other hop kicks. Will lose to virtually any hop kick but Steve’s.

Uses: After counter hitting FC df + 2, after blocking low moves, launching into walls, as an alternate round ender from a distance.

07 - Jab uppercut: while rising 1+2

Stats: Mid, 12 frames, -2 on block (safe), +9 on hit (a big launch will beat almost anything)

Advantages: Fast mid with reliable hit box, performing it will also auto escape 1+2 throws on the way up. Excellent defensive tool.

Disadvantages: Limited range

Uses: When trying to get up from the ground during okizeme or forced crouch to counter launch attempts and throw pressure.

08 - Rock Shooter (aka the high crush launcher): db + 2

Stats: Launch, mid, high crush, 24 frames, -10 on block (jab counterable)

Advantages: Semi-evasive (backwards) and will frequently beat jabs, throws and other moves that has forward momentum despite it's slow speed.

Disadvantages: It's meant to beat incoming attacks so the range is poor.

Uses: Winning trench wars, beating fast jabs, baiting moves, destroying throws and other high moves.

09 – Tsubame Return (aka the "bail-out")

Stats: Mid, 12 frames, -7 on block (safe)

Advantages: Fast, evasive, safe. Excellent defensive tool.

Disadvantages: Poor range, poor damage.

Uses: When in doubt, at the end of a round, as a random poke and shutting down rushdown strings.

10 - Falling Towers: df + 1, 2

Stats: poke/hit throw, high/mid, 13 frames, tech crouch at the start, -3 on block (safe)

Advantages: Surprisingly difficult to backdash or sidestep, fast and beats many random moves including jabs from starting range.

Disadvantages: Second hit not guaranteed even if it hits crouch.

Uses: At the start of the round, randomly against evasive actions, randomly doing it again after it was blocked to counter punish attempts.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Asuka movelist (Tekken 6) 1.0

Now that Tekken 6 is being played seriously at the arcades and with the new Blood Rebelion around the corner I felt it was time to get some hard intel on our favorite schoolgirl to help players use her in Tekken 6. I will still update the DR sections to the best of my ability since this is still the game that most Asuka players are stuck with but be prepared for sporadic updates on 6 and BR as well when information becomes avaliable. Most of the list was compiled by South Town King at TZ, I merely edited the majority of data to fit on the page and added a throw section at the bottom. Note that the movelist is a work in progress and as such it will change over time. Check in later for updates.

Name (Command) – Impact/Execution Frames, Guard Frames, Hit Frames, CH Frames

Basic moves

Jab (1) 10, -1,+10,+10
Down Jab (d1) 10,-5,+6,+6
Basic upper (2) 15, -6 KD, KD *1
Crouch Jab (FC,1) 10,-5,+7,+7
Crouch Straight (FC,2) 11,-4,+7,+7
Low Spin Kick (d3) 12,-13,-3,-3
Crouch Spin Kick (FC,3) 12,-15,-4,-4
Roundhouse (4) 11,-4,+5,KD *2
Shin Kick (d4) 12,-13,-3,-3

*1 Launches standing opponent only, Asuka is at +5 after hitting crouching opponent
*2 Launches on counter hit (magic 4)

Special moves

Charging Strike/Demon Slayer (f+2) 17,-20,KD,KD *1
Crouch Shin Kick (FC,4) 12,-15,-4,-4
Reverse Shin Combo (1,3) 10,-11,+1,+1
Leg Cutter Combo (1,4) 10,-10,+1,+1
Falling Tower (df1,2) 13,-3 -3,+8 KD,+8 KD *2
Tsubame Return (db+1) 12,-7,+3,+3
Sparrow Trip (b+1) 28,-6,+7,KD
Sparrow Gut Punch (ws+1) 15,-7,+6,KD
Vacuum Mist Palm (1+2) 16,-7,KD,KD
Inner Strength (f+1+2) 17,-3,KD,KD
Raging Storm (df+1+2) 42,-14,KD,KD *3
Heaven's Hammer (d+2) 18,-2,+11,KD,B!
Blossom Upper (df+2) 15,-6,KD,KD
Rock Shooter (db+2) 24,-10,KD,KD
Mist Elbow (ws+2) 14,-7,+9,+9
Sweeping Sparrow (FC,df_DF+2) 16,-12,-0,+20
Sparrow Pirouette (2+3) 28,0,KD,KD *3
Sacred Blade (3~4) 25,-13,KD,KD
Spinning Heel Drop (F+3, first spin) 29, -2, KD, KD *5
Spinning Heel Drop (F+3, second spin) 51, +6, KD, KD *5
Spinning Heel Drop (F+3, third spin) 68, KD, KD, KD *5
Minazuki (df+3) 18,-11,KD,KD
Enchanted Circle (db+3) 21,-12,+4,+4
Imato (uf+3) 20,-3,+8,+8
Moon Scent (ws+3) 19,-19,KD,KD
Cartwheel Stomp (3+4) 23,-13 -6,-2 KD,KD
Purple Cloud Kicks (d+3+4) 14,-4,KD,KD *6
Twin Cloud Kicks (FC_ws+3+4,3) 21,-6 0,+5 +14,+5 +14
Crescent Kick (f+4) 19,+3,KD,KD
Siwasu (ff+4) 22,-15,KD,KD
Toe Kick (df+4) 12,-6,+5,+5
Heart Stopper (b+4) 15,-3,+21,KD
Night Sky (uf+4) 20,-10,KD,KD
Boomerang Sparrow (SS+4) 17,-6,+7,KD

*1 move can be cancelled with d or db
*2 second attack causes automatic hit throw on normal and counter hit
*3 Parries high and mid punches at the start of the attack
*4 Parries low attacks at the start of the move
*5 Move can be cancelled with b. Move is unblockable after third spin, all version hit mid.
*6 both attacks will connect against a crouching opponent on normal- and counter hit. Second move will miss on block. Both attacks are guaranteed against backturned opponent.

New moves

Standing mid (3) 14,-6,+3,+3
(3,1) 12,-10,+3,+3
(2,1,1+2) 13,safe,B!,B!(2,3) ,13,-13,KD,KD
(ff+2) 13,-3,+2,Throw
Mist Punch (ss+2) 13,-12,KD,KD
(ff+3) 17,-13,KD,KD
(b+4,2) 15,-5,+5,B!


Haze Palm Fist (f+1) 20,-7,+4,KD
= Haze Blossom Kick (3) 13,-5,+6,KD
= Purple Cloud Kicks (4) 14,-4,KD,KD
= Sacred Blade (d+4) 24,-18,KD,KD

Haze Palm Fist Combo (1,1) 10 20,-7,+4,+4
= Haze Blossom Kick (3) 13,-5,+6,KD
= Purple Cloud Kicks (4) 14,-4,KD,KD
= Sacred Blade (d+4) 24,-18,KD,KD

Driving Sparrow (b+2) 15,-4,+1,+1
= Spinning Nest (1+2) 15,-10,+1,+1

Haze Palm Fist (1) 20,-7,+4,+4
= Haze Blossom Kick (3) 13,-5,+6,KD
= Purple Cloud Kicks (d+3+4) 14,-4,KD,KD
= Leg Cutter (d+3+4) (First Hit) 14,-11,-1,-1
= Sacred Blade (d+4) 24,-18,KD,KD
= Leg Cutter (<4) 9 =" Into" 7 =" Into" kd =" Cresent" kd =" Cresent" kd =" Charging" 1 =" Leg" 1 =" Low" kd =" Mist" 6 =" Spinning" 2 =" Spinning" 2 =" Spinning" 2 =" Front" 1 =" (3)">Throws
Name (command) – Escape command

Basic throws

Aiki Nage (1 + 3 or f + 1 + 3) - 1
Katanuki (2 + 4 or f + 2 + 4) - 2
Cloud Taste (from left side 1 + 3 or 2 + 4 or b + 1 + 2) - 1
Wind Wheel (from right side 1 + 3 or 2 + 4 or b + 1 + 2) - 2
Twisted Limbs (from behind 1 + 3 or 2 + 4 or b + 1 + 2) – None

Special throws

White Mountain (df + 2 + 4) - 2
Cherry Blossom (b + 1 + 2) – 1 + 2 *1
Destabilizer (db + 1 + 2) – None *2
Falling Rain (FC, df. d. df + 1 + 2) - 1 + 2 *3
Attack reversal (b + 1 + 3 or b + 2 + 4) – System *4

*1 Move can be sidestepped
*2 Move can be sidestepped but hits crouching. Leaves Asuka at +3
*3 Launches opponent. A precise tech roll will lower the damage upon landing.
*4 Reverses high and mid punches and kicks. Can reverse unblockable as well.

Thanks to South Town King at TZ for the frame data, movelist and research.